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I still write the same kinds of things, don’t worry!


This might be permanent or temporary- jut so you know.
I have pretty big news for you- Sophie dans le métro has MOVED to becoming The Neon Papaya! I still write about the same things and all that, just the blog has a different name.
I didn’t know that my blog would be this successful in such a short time- it’s really surprising. Anyways, a while ago, I suddenly came up with a name- The Neon Papaya. I didn’t know then what I should use it for, but I recently decided to turn it into a blog.


Of course, here is the link to The neon Papaya:

Thanks, and enjoy!

Sleeping in Boats

Earlier today, I was sailing and I was wondering why my shorts felt so heavy. I also falied to notice that I was soaking wet, and that my shorts, which were made of towel material, were incredibly absorbant and took in almost all the water there was. Any of you that saw me out there, luffing right into the wind, pulling and staring at the mytery of the watery shorts… that was me.

Speaking of sailing, I was at a regatta the other day. I got eighth out of fifty, which you would probably say was great, but there was only one race because of the dramatic circumstances. There were over one hundred farhenheit of heat, and no wind at all. Most people were just sleeping in their boats. It isn’t such an achievement in those kinds of cases, unfortunately.

Now, speaking of sleeping in boats, and since I’m full of these useless stories, I have to simply ‘excite’ you with another one. We were team racing the day before yesterday, and I got paired up with Em, who never even tries to sail. I probably spent more time in the no-go zone, waiting for her to catch up, than I ever did actually sailing.

Anyways, I had her in my cover zone after about five minutes of waiting for her, and  I was just leaning out of my boat looking at all the moon jellies, when I heard this soft, sweet snoring coming from behind me. Believe me- in days like this one, it is quite a rare sight to see somebody, regardless if it’s Em or not, sleeping peacefully away in their boat. No wonder she was moving so slowly. She had completely lost control over her boat when she fell asleep.

It was actually almost a scare to see her doing that, but now it’s basically everybody’s favorite campfire story for laughs.

Yours truly,]



I’m trying to think of something to write about that’s completely original, and that nobody has ever seen before. Good luck trying to be me.
These days, I’m actually just lounging at the pool when I’m not sailing, staring up into the sky while I get a sunburn, wishing that something totally new and amazing would happen to me.
Though I do not want to fall head first off a two story porch again!

Yours truly,


You know when you’re supposed to be writing about your life, but then your life just seems like a big empty pot hole that my dad once lost a tire in?

My dad does have a habit of talking to me while cruising along the road at 0.00001 miles per hour and then suddenly driving into a pot hole, or whatever they’re called. Maybe if he went faster, the car wouldn’t shake so much as he drove “over” them. Then again, he misses motorcycles. Who knows?

Yesterday I went to NYC, though I don’t know if it was really yesterday because I lose track of time way too easily. That’s a problem, you know. The last time I actually bothered googling it, it was June 11 or something like that. By now it’s probably June 14th or so. I don’t know, and I’m not Googling it again. That’s final. Anyways, I stopped by Uniqlo on my way home. I have to say, I knew Uniqlo had fashionable but yet cheap clothing, but I had no clue that it was this cheap. I got the yellow-print crop shirt for about six dollars. I have to say, that wasn’t so bad. The other two were ten dollars each, which also isn’t such a heartache.


This is the yellow-print crop that I’m talking about.

I also bought these:



The two dumplings up there would make a nice combination, I’ll give it in. I also made an outfit out of the print top and some shorts that I found lying around. I think I wore those shorts twice before, but that’s it. They were actually really comfortable and chic at the same time, so I’m definitely going to wear them again. And since I’m a very repetitive person, I wore those flower sandals again. Aren’t I such a bad girl?

What I Wore:
  • Birkenstock “Papillion” sandals
  • Diane von Furstenburg shorts
  • Uniqlo high-low shirt (“Slub” collection)








And I will confess to using a fake paper flower that my mom helped me make a jillion years ago.

Yours truly,

You Can Still Play With Dolls, You Know.



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Introducing Guessip!


This secret has been so hard to hold! But here it is…

I’ve always wanted to created a website for teen girls (everybody, really) with unique posts that nobody saw before- complete with the exploration of writing, life, and fashion (of course!).

So here I am, welcoming Guessip now! Since we just launched, Guessip has only published one thing at the moment, unless I mixed up the command button thingies again and instead of pressing the button once on my slow computer, I might have pressed it a few times (wonder how that happened?…) Anyways, you can get to Guessip with

Also, if you’re worried that I won’t be blogging here anymore, HOW COULD YOU THINK SUCH A THING? (sorry for the outburst! I tend to get a little overexcited :))))) I love blogging, and Sophie dans le metro will always be my number one internet priority.

Everything finalized? Goody. Have a nice evening!

Pictures that I dug out of a hole and didn’t even know existed and that I happened to take.




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Super Quote Monday



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Teen Vogue Me Girl: Daybook Two

I thought for today, I would add another daybook (video) since I have a lot of time today. The only problem with this video is that in the middle, the song cuts off and then repeats. Maybe it will fix itself until you watch it, but probably not considering that I am HORRIBLE with technical things. Good that I didn’t start a tech blog, otherwise it would have been complete catastrophe. Oh well. I hope you enjoy these three outfits that I dressed my character in!

By the way: tell me if you like these videos, will you? Thanks!

Sophie Daybook Two