10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I couldn’t really think of an interesting post that I could write, since blogging is supposed to be about your fascinating life but I don’t really HAVE a fascinating life this week so where was I? I was rambling again. Typical. Oh yeah. Okay, so I was looking through the Blonde Salad bog by Chiara Ferragni, and I realized that I would have loved to know around ten things about her that didn’t come through her blog. I decided to try it myself.


#. This is probably not at all interesting for you, but I’m experimenting with banners right now. That is why it doesn’t officially count as one of the ten things about me. Also, I just had to get the point across somehow.

1. I adopted my dog when she was 2 months old, and after one month of having her, I didn’t like her as much anymore. Having a dog had always seemed like it would be reliving the “Lassie” movie, or at least my dog (as I dreamed) would be a show champion. But my skinny (and now a little overweight) runt of a puppy wasn’t exactly up to either vision. After a few weeks, I got over the phase, though, since Caline was just too cute!

2. When I totally grow up, I either want to have a summer job as a sailing coach (you get to zoom around on a motor boat, tell kids what to do, and get paid to do something you love) or a DJ (even though I might be too shy and I don’t exactly love super loud music. I’m always scared my eardrums will pop).

3. I always make sure to wear my sunscreen when it’s summer. As one of my best friends, Hope, always says, “I’m preventing cancer at a premature age.”

4. My mom was a fashion designer until she discovered me when I was 5, sleeping under one of her huge sowing machines. She felt so bad she quit right then and there. It isn’t as big a benefit as you might think, because practically my entire wardrobe is mom-picked or mom-checked. It’s a wonder that she lets me buy Abercrombie for my sporty looks- trust me. (On the other hand, it’s not that bad. I owe my taste to my mom.)

5. My ultimate goal when I was younger was to marry some prince out there in the world and become an actual princess, just like my old idols, Ariel, Beauty, Snow White, and Jasmine. That is, until I found out that Disney princesses weren’t real and that being a princess was all responsibilities.

6. I am very sympathetic towards the cause of animals. Don’t you dare say something negative concerning animals! (Don’t worry, I’m not that scary!)

7. My accent used to be the same as Chiara Ferragni’s. I know, right? Really unbelievable, compared to my today-accent. Oh well. It stuck to my mom.

8. I am incredibly sensitive to emotional movies and words…

9. I’ve tried ballroom dancing before, but was terrible at it.

10. I talk a lot about unnecessary and incredibly pointless things.

bonus. You know the Naked Cowboy? The first time I saw him, I thought he was a business guy. He kind of is. He also ran for president of the US in the Tea Party Movement but dropped out later: probably to just get some attention. I should really do a post on him…

Hope you liked it!
What do you say?


You Can’t Stop Being a Kid

Not even when I try, can I stop from just being a baby in one of those at-the-bottom button-open jammies. At least this jumper doesn’t have a diaper button opening that babies need. At least.

You know that backyard fashion show I talked about two posts ago, the one that I did with my friends? Well anyways, I found another outfit that belonged to it. After ransacking my closet, which looked like a tornado before but now is a beyond-recognition tornado, I discovered this DVF jumper from a while ago. I paired it up with my old Converse sneakers, and tried to find some nice sunglasses but discovered that my dog had mistaken mine for her squeaky toy, so I had to make do with $2 party-favor sunglasses. Oh well. On my wrist, I wore another party favor, but this time it was a purple BFF bracelet, and added a dark blue friendship bracelet.

By the way: the pink ball is a lacrosse ball.






What I really love about this outfit are the gorgeous patterns. They somehow clash, but in the end, they make peace perfectly. It’s still a mystery to me how I managed to figure out that this would work. I guess accidents do sometimes happen!

The jumper was surprisingly comfortable and really light on me. This outfit is a definite wear again!


Yours only,


They Came From:

  • Jumper: Diane von Furstenburg
  • Sneakers: Converse [navy blue lace-less]
  • Sunglasses and BFF bracelet: cheap party favors that no one usually cares about
  • Friendship bracelet: A gift
  • Balls: The orange is from Target, the pink is a lacrosse game ball

Being Free

Big people, the grown-ups, the grandmas, and the grandpas, always claim the middle school was (and will) always the hardest part of being junior, and being a kid. A lot of people know middle school as junior high, where the girls start to straighten their hair and shoot up a couple of feet (and inches) over the years. Junior High- where the boys still walk around, short, with their baggy shorts, backward caps, and their lame jokes like, “Why can’t your hand be twelve inches? It would be a foot!” (hahaha…)

But yet again, I wouldn’t agree to that “on my life” (not literally). Elementary school was always the hardest. Oh, sure, until third grade or so, nobody stopped teasing you if you were best friends with a boy, but in fourth and fifth grade, they really let the rockets on you. Not to mention that Arianna had stopped being best friends with Harrison in first grade. But that is not my story to tell. Not yet.

My story were the popularity ladders. The discrimination. The control. The people that were so full of hate to one another, that every word they spoke dripped with red, thick, syrupy loathing. And, finally: the ones that tried so hard to let each other down. You can tell me what you want, but middle school wasn’t like that. Girls just cared about their bodies and getting skinny, while boys just cared about winning their sport’s championships.

Third grade was my best year. Or so they said. My school had unknowingly developed a complex system of “points” and popularity ladders. It wasn’t official; it wasn’t the complete deal, but everyone knew it existed. Everyone knew that’s how it worked. The lower kids, the ones who weren’t good at being pretty, stylish, or what-else, could get messed with. The upper kids, the “good” ones, couldn’t get messed with. If you were on top, you usually stayed there. If you were on the bottom, you always stayed there. If you were in the middle, nobody really touched you, looked at you, or anything, and your popularity could eventually go either way.

Before third grade, I was always a middle kid. I cared more about books and my horse back riding competitions than I did wearing the latest trashy shirt, or texting the latest abbreviations (biffles, LOLOLOLOLOMG, which I still don’t understand). I was fine with it, since I had my friends and nobody ever teased me or cared if I did something stupid.

Then came the beginning of third grade. Where my group of middle kids got stuck sitting right next to the upper, popular, “OMG” kids. My friends started thinking that it was vitally important to somehow become one of “them”, one of the girls who could do anything, say anything, be anything, without the whole school crushing them down like boulders to a fly. I didn’t get it then, but I do now. It was simply how you survived.

Lanie, Rose, Beth, Alexa, Kim, Amanda… they were all there. Lanie, at that time, was super nice. She cared about everybody, the way Kim, Amanda, and Alexa did. Rose, from the start, was mean but popular. And rich. I don’t remember the details of it, but one day on the playground, Lanie asked me if I wanted to play. Just thought, why not? Since then, I just became one of them. Those girls. The top girls. It was, in my opinion, kind of stupid, to rocket the ranks just because of a friend, but it was that way.
After two years of being with those “up” girls, I began to question my freedom. Was I more free being someone who the whole school looked at, for advice, “promotions”, and admiration… Or did my freedom lie where I was before, in the middle level, with my own real friends, and my own interests?


I Can’t Think of a Title…

So, yeah… I can’t think of a title. Once again. Since I cut my hair five inches shorter, it’s been ticking me off that my new hair length just doesn’t look “right” somehow, if you know what I mean. Oh well. At least it doesn’t get knotted.

Anyways, I thought I’d do another outfit post since I had my own little backyard “fashion show” with my friends a few days ago, and still have the pictures.






I seriously, seriously love the dress. It’s not only comfortable, but also really cute and in style. You can really pair it up with almost anything, because of the fabric pattern. As well as that, it has a fabulous, flowy, “free” kind of feeling to it that makes it perfect for summer.

I chose to pair up the dress with just a pretty old pair of ballet flats that still aren’t out of style. I wonder if the gorgeous hot pink has something to with it.

Where These Came From

  • Dress: Diane von Furstenburg
  • Shoes (Flats): Gap

Only yours,




Summer Days

Now it’s finally the end of the school year- and the start of summer! I now have a lot more time to spend on my blog, and I have a lot more time to do “fun” things like figure out where my dog’s squeaky toy is (that’s the downside of summer, I have to say).


Two summers ago was probably the best two months of my life. I went back to native Europe, (Paris, Berlin, and Munich) where I saw more than ever thought I could. The best moment was the German International (Equestrian) Competition. I was in Germany for training and a few competitions. I had finished giving Amerika and Quicksand their pears and carrots, when my best friend came racing in. “Sophie! We forgot about the German International, you dope!” With a start, I finally realized that today was August 20, 2011, and I had forgotten all about one of Europe’s most important competitions (please beware: “German International” is just the English-translated version of the name, and is not authentic).

The competition was not something that I want to describe. I would not only be super repetitive, but also not able to really describe what happened. I will only just say: what I saw took my breath away. What I saw inspired me more than anything else could ever have. I wanted to achieve.

That summer, I also started competitive sailing for the first time, and though I can’t say that it was really the most enjoyable thing of my life, it also influenced me by showing that if my mom wanted me to sail, I had the option of either sailing or sailing.

Another small (and final) thing that happened to me that summer was me starting the flute, and getting inspired by a Salzburg woodwind quartet. I dropped a lot of things to play the flute, but now am glad that I did. I couldn’t be more thankful that I was able to play the way I did!

I had a pretty dull school year, and those mean kids were worse than ever. But them again, maybe this summer will make up for it, and be as good as the summer that I had in 2011. A summer of sightseeing, fun, realizations, inspirations, and… life.



P.S. I hope you guys at least enjoyed your school year!

My spring resolution is to write more, and improve my posts a little!


I was looking through Fashiolista (@plainlysophie, by the way), when I suddenly discovered the magic of maxi skirts. Yep- I’m absolutely being serious. I have seen many people who blog about their darling maxi skirt, and I’ve even worn them- five stars on comfort- but I never really realized just how good they look.

The first skirt is exactly my style, the rest aren’t really, but I still wanted to show you the wide varieties of maxi skirts that there actually are, and how absolutely gorgeous they can be.
I just noticed that I’m on a fashion streak. I guess I’ll be talking style for a few times, and then I’ll switch back to my regular routine of posts, I promice. 🙂 (Though that doesn’t mean that mode and vogue won’t be involved!)
That’s it for today, just a short quick little post for my personal enjoyment (my, my… what a greedy human being). It wasn’t also exactly my best work ever, but I just wanted to express my love for a piece of material that covers my muscular-from-horse-back-riding legs…
Sophie 🙂

I’m Outta the Ball Game

Good to see you, too! Trust me, since the last time I posted, barely anything has happened to me other than school graduation, but everybody knows that that is “not” important (this is the part you should go haha at my lame joke!)

I’m writing this post while listening to “I Love It”, and since the song is so addicting, I am probably going to take a LONG time.



I think this was just the inspirational word of the day after graduation on Monday. I wore a white, really simple J.Crew dress with “gems” on the collar, along with silver ballet flats that contrasted my tan (if I may say so myself).

Below are pictures of what I wore today to the city. I kind of stood out, since everyone was wearing dark colors (yes, in the heat), but I don’t care at all. I loved this outfit and will absolutely wear it again! By the way: the pictures order messed up a little, so the full outfit is on the bottom and the details are on the top…








The dress (did I mention this yet?) is from J.Crew, and has little oranges for the print, as you probably saw already. I love how it’s snug and button-down for the top half, and free, loose, and comfy on the bottom half. It came with the rope belt, though you can take it off, and the dress also looks great without it.
I paired the dress up with a CrewCuts necklace from years ago, and Birkenstock “Papillion” sandals that are SUPER comfortable and that I will definitely be wearing again! For a final little touch, I added some of those tie-off hair bands that are so in trend this week but probably will be out of the picture next week. I decided to enjoy them while I could, and used them as bracelets.


Hope you liked today’s post!