I’m Outta the Ball Game

Good to see you, too! Trust me, since the last time I posted, barely anything has happened to me other than school graduation, but everybody knows that that is “not” important (this is the part you should go haha at my lame joke!)

I’m writing this post while listening to “I Love It”, and since the song is so addicting, I am probably going to take a LONG time.



I think this was just the inspirational word of the day after graduation on Monday. I wore a white, really simple J.Crew dress with “gems” on the collar, along with silver ballet flats that contrasted my tan (if I may say so myself).

Below are pictures of what I wore today to the city. I kind of stood out, since everyone was wearing dark colors (yes, in the heat), but I don’t care at all. I loved this outfit and will absolutely wear it again! By the way: the pictures order messed up a little, so the full outfit is on the bottom and the details are on the top…








The dress (did I mention this yet?) is from J.Crew, and has little oranges for the print, as you probably saw already. I love how it’s snug and button-down for the top half, and free, loose, and comfy on the bottom half. It came with the rope belt, though you can take it off, and the dress also looks great without it.
I paired the dress up with a CrewCuts necklace from years ago, and Birkenstock “Papillion” sandals that are SUPER comfortable and that I will definitely be wearing again! For a final little touch, I added some of those tie-off hair bands that are so in trend this week but probably will be out of the picture next week. I decided to enjoy them while I could, and used them as bracelets.


Hope you liked today’s post!


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