You Can’t Stop Being a Kid

Not even when I try, can I stop from just being a baby in one of those at-the-bottom button-open jammies. At least this jumper doesn’t have a diaper button opening that babies need. At least.

You know that backyard fashion show I talked about two posts ago, the one that I did with my friends? Well anyways, I found another outfit that belonged to it. After ransacking my closet, which looked like a tornado before but now is a beyond-recognition tornado, I discovered this DVF jumper from a while ago. I paired it up with my old Converse sneakers, and tried to find some nice sunglasses but discovered that my dog had mistaken mine for her squeaky toy, so I had to make do with $2 party-favor sunglasses. Oh well. On my wrist, I wore another party favor, but this time it was a purple BFF bracelet, and added a dark blue friendship bracelet.

By the way: the pink ball is a lacrosse ball.






What I really love about this outfit are the gorgeous patterns. They somehow clash, but in the end, they make peace perfectly. It’s still a mystery to me how I managed to figure out that this would work. I guess accidents do sometimes happen!

The jumper was surprisingly comfortable and really light on me. This outfit is a definite wear again!


Yours only,


They Came From:

  • Jumper: Diane von Furstenburg
  • Sneakers: Converse [navy blue lace-less]
  • Sunglasses and BFF bracelet: cheap party favors that no one usually cares about
  • Friendship bracelet: A gift
  • Balls: The orange is from Target, the pink is a lacrosse game ball

9 thoughts on “You Can’t Stop Being a Kid

  1. I just wanted to mention: Thank you so much for all your compliments! I really appreciate them! I know that I should definitely use more pieces like this romper in the future…

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