Introducing Guessip!


This secret has been so hard to hold! But here it is…

I’ve always wanted to created a website for teen girls (everybody, really) with unique posts that nobody saw before- complete with the exploration of writing, life, and fashion (of course!).

So here I am, welcoming Guessip now! Since we just launched, Guessip has only published one thing at the moment, unless I mixed up the command button thingies again and instead of pressing the button once on my slow computer, I might have pressed it a few times (wonder how that happened?…) Anyways, you can get to Guessip with

Also, if you’re worried that I won’t be blogging here anymore, HOW COULD YOU THINK SUCH A THING? (sorry for the outburst! I tend to get a little overexcited :))))) I love blogging, and Sophie dans le metro will always be my number one internet priority.

Everything finalized? Goody. Have a nice evening!


The Last Part: Comments!

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