You Can Still Play With Dolls, You Know.










When the topic of dolls comes up, people stare at me like I need a bit of professional help (although, in my opinion, that look should be reserved for my dog, but that’s a different topic altogether). Of course I’m pretty old to be actually playing with dolls, but I find other things in dolls that people just don’t seem to see. For instance, I love making my own outfits for these American Girl dolls. Not only is it a fun way to pass time instead of doing extra homework for my mom’s sake, but it’s also a nice way to experiment with dressing up and outfits. If you dress up a doll, nobody will come at you, shaking an umbrella in your face, telling you that your outfit simply doesn’t work.

I also adore playing with the doll hair. Since I heard from someone that being repetitive is not good, I will simply mention that in the cases of doll hair, the same arguments as for the outfits apply. Plus, who doesn’t like miniature dogs and horses?

(By the way: dolls have perfect teeth 99% of the time. So if you’re someone like me, who parties for a few days if the dentist says your teeth don’t need any care [which hasn’t happened so far to me], dolls are perfect roll models to look up to. or down. It depends how tall you are.)


Yours truly,



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