Sleeping in Boats

Earlier today, I was sailing and I was wondering why my shorts felt so heavy. I also falied to notice that I was soaking wet, and that my shorts, which were made of towel material, were incredibly absorbant and took in almost all the water there was. Any of you that saw me out there, luffing right into the wind, pulling and staring at the mytery of the watery shorts… that was me.

Speaking of sailing, I was at a regatta the other day. I got eighth out of fifty, which you would probably say was great, but there was only one race because of the dramatic circumstances. There were over one hundred farhenheit of heat, and no wind at all. Most people were just sleeping in their boats. It isn’t such an achievement in those kinds of cases, unfortunately.

Now, speaking of sleeping in boats, and since I’m full of these useless stories, I have to simply ‘excite’ you with another one. We were team racing the day before yesterday, and I got paired up with Em, who never even tries to sail. I probably spent more time in the no-go zone, waiting for her to catch up, than I ever did actually sailing.

Anyways, I had her in my cover zone after about five minutes of waiting for her, and  I was just leaning out of my boat looking at all the moon jellies, when I heard this soft, sweet snoring coming from behind me. Believe me- in days like this one, it is quite a rare sight to see somebody, regardless if it’s Em or not, sleeping peacefully away in their boat. No wonder she was moving so slowly. She had completely lost control over her boat when she fell asleep.

It was actually almost a scare to see her doing that, but now it’s basically everybody’s favorite campfire story for laughs.

Yours truly,]



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