About Me


One of my lazy, casual everyday outfits that I wrote about in the post “I’m Outta the Ball Game”.

I want to be someone who the world never saw before.


Hi! I’m Sophie. I write about fashion, my life, and pretty much everything else. This is my personal blog (so it is categorized as personal on blog lovin).
-I use my dog as a pillow, since she is INCREDIBLY comfortable.

I’m a girl that loves to live, sometimes more than other times. My absolute favorite part of every year is always spring break- it’s a break from school, and it’s close to summer. My inspirations/icons are my parents, my dog (just because), Chiara Ferragni, and Tavi Gevinson (she’s very funny, and I like that she’s so outgoing). I really love fashion, but also writing, horse-back riding (which I do competitively), and reading books and style magazines. I like to take pictures of everything, (even interesting cracks in the sidewalk), and I even like to draw even though I’m horrible at it. My deepest secret is that I like the supposedly boring art of folding paper called origami.

I started blogging because I like to write, share, take pictures, and simply read other people’s entries on things. Starting a blog allowed me to do all that, and more- that’s why I’m here right now, trying to think of something else to write over here.

My blog is really just my personal “diary” of my life, opinions, and fashion.


Some of my favorite fashion links:

Chiara Ferragni
P.S. One of my absolute favorite online place to be is really The Blonde Salad blog, found on the link above. I also love Fashiolista, which made me take a few huge revolutions in my fashion sense!






I will add more pictures and info later! 🙂


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