Sophie Talks

Or rather, it should be Sophie Asks. This is my page for question that you guys get to answer, instead of the other way around. I love hearing people’s opinions and minds! (Though I don’t know if that’s a personal thing or a everybody-thing… how about you try and tell me?) By the way, you don’t have to answer every question: just the ones you want to answer. Also, be sure to label which question you’re answering!

Question One:

What is your favorite fashion blog and style icon? Why? (My favorite is Chiara Ferragni on The Blonde Salad and Wendy from Wendy’s Lookbook. They have some great styles!)

Question Two:

What is your favorite piece of clothing ever? And since I’m a snoopy person, why is that? (My favorite piece of clothing is probably… my blue zebra print DVF shorts, that you probably know too well if you follow my other accounts like Instagram. I like all my clothing, really, since it was almost all picked by my ex-designer mom. :))

Question Three:

Away from the topic of fashion for a little bit, and onto the subject of simple, common questions. What is your favorite sport? (Mine is horse-back riding, no questions asked!)

Question Four:

What is your favorite online thing to do? (Mine is spend time on here and surf the horse classifieds!)

Question Five:

Last question for now, but: What do you think of my blog: What would you like to see on it more often? What would you recommend? Comment with any thoughts.

Thanks, guys, and I hope you have time to answer some of my curiosities!


The Last Part: Comments!

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