Choices to Make, Paths to Take

Photographers, artists, poets: show us OTHER.

I just discovered these. The daily prompts- there for people like me who are sometimes to lazy to flood the wardrobe and take some pictures, or people like me who get uninterested in things VERY easily.

To me, the word “other” kind of always was simply a word that meant different, a word that meant sort of nothing to me. I guess there are others out there who feel the same way as me, people who also feel like writing about and picturing “other” is like putting down nothing. Maybe.
However, I realized that “other” could also show the way I think- kind of wacky, kind of not. It could show the sense of humor that I have, kind of funny but mainly not at all funny to most people, or even the things that I like.




Of course, I try to act like I can fly, but I actually can’t. Sadly.

Now that I look back at this, it’s actually scary, what I think about. Oh well…






I was looking through Fashiolista (@plainlysophie, by the way), when I suddenly discovered the magic of maxi skirts. Yep- I’m absolutely being serious. I have seen many people who blog about their darling maxi skirt, and I’ve even worn them- five stars on comfort- but I never really realized just how good they look.

The first skirt is exactly my style, the rest aren’t really, but I still wanted to show you the wide varieties of maxi skirts that there actually are, and how absolutely gorgeous they can be.
I just noticed that I’m on a fashion streak. I guess I’ll be talking style for a few times, and then I’ll switch back to my regular routine of posts, I promice. 🙂 (Though that doesn’t mean that mode and vogue won’t be involved!)
That’s it for today, just a short quick little post for my personal enjoyment (my, my… what a greedy human being). It wasn’t also exactly my best work ever, but I just wanted to express my love for a piece of material that covers my muscular-from-horse-back-riding legs…
Sophie 🙂