You Can Still Play With Dolls, You Know.



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I was looking through Fashiolista (@plainlysophie, by the way), when I suddenly discovered the magic of maxi skirts. Yep- I’m absolutely being serious. I have seen many people who blog about their darling maxi skirt, and I’ve even worn them- five stars on comfort- but I never really realized just how good they look.

The first skirt is exactly my style, the rest aren’t really, but I still wanted to show you the wide varieties of maxi skirts that there actually are, and how absolutely gorgeous they can be.
I just noticed that I’m on a fashion streak. I guess I’ll be talking style for a few times, and then I’ll switch back to my regular routine of posts, I promice. 🙂 (Though that doesn’t mean that mode and vogue won’t be involved!)
That’s it for today, just a short quick little post for my personal enjoyment (my, my… what a greedy human being). It wasn’t also exactly my best work ever, but I just wanted to express my love for a piece of material that covers my muscular-from-horse-back-riding legs…
Sophie 🙂