Teen Vogue Me Girl: Daybook Two

I thought for today, I would add another daybook (video) since I have a lot of time today. The only problem with this video is that in the middle, the song cuts off and then repeats. Maybe it will fix itself until you watch it, but probably not considering that I am HORRIBLE with technical things. Good that I didn’t start a tech blog, otherwise it would have been complete catastrophe. Oh well. I hope you enjoy these three outfits that I dressed my character in!

By the way: tell me if you like these videos, will you? Thanks!

Sophie Daybook Two


Teen Vogue Me Girl: Daybook One

I discovered the best app ever: Teen Vogue Me Girl. Get it (it’s free) and you’ll see what I mean, but some of the things the game features include:
-Creating a realistic character
-Buying up your wardrobe
-Going up the fashion industry
-Dressing up you and your models for photo shoots

I will make many videos featuring some of my combos from the game, and here is the first: enjoy Daybook One! (Or video, I should say)

Sophie Daybook One

The link to it is above, but in case you can’t reach it, use this address:

I Can’t Think of a Title…

So, yeah… I can’t think of a title. Once again. Since I cut my hair five inches shorter, it’s been ticking me off that my new hair length just doesn’t look “right” somehow, if you know what I mean. Oh well. At least it doesn’t get knotted.

Anyways, I thought I’d do another outfit post since I had my own little backyard “fashion show” with my friends a few days ago, and still have the pictures.






I seriously, seriously love the dress. It’s not only comfortable, but also really cute and in style. You can really pair it up with almost anything, because of the fabric pattern. As well as that, it has a fabulous, flowy, “free” kind of feeling to it that makes it perfect for summer.

I chose to pair up the dress with just a pretty old pair of ballet flats that still aren’t out of style. I wonder if the gorgeous hot pink has something to with it.

Where These Came From

  • Dress: Diane von Furstenburg
  • Shoes (Flats): Gap

Only yours,





I was looking through Fashiolista (@plainlysophie, by the way), when I suddenly discovered the magic of maxi skirts. Yep- I’m absolutely being serious. I have seen many people who blog about their darling maxi skirt, and I’ve even worn them- five stars on comfort- but I never really realized just how good they look.

The first skirt is exactly my style, the rest aren’t really, but I still wanted to show you the wide varieties of maxi skirts that there actually are, and how absolutely gorgeous they can be.
I just noticed that I’m on a fashion streak. I guess I’ll be talking style for a few times, and then I’ll switch back to my regular routine of posts, I promice. 🙂 (Though that doesn’t mean that mode and vogue won’t be involved!)
That’s it for today, just a short quick little post for my personal enjoyment (my, my… what a greedy human being). It wasn’t also exactly my best work ever, but I just wanted to express my love for a piece of material that covers my muscular-from-horse-back-riding legs…
Sophie 🙂

I Think Scrapbooks Are Like This

…though I never kept one, so I wouldn’t know.
In Fashion:










These shorts are ADORABLE and super comfy! Diane von Furstenburg

I love this bracelet!