Summer Days

Now it’s finally the end of the school year- and the start of summer! I now have a lot more time to spend on my blog, and I have a lot more time to do “fun” things like figure out where my dog’s squeaky toy is (that’s the downside of summer, I have to say).


Two summers ago was probably the best two months of my life. I went back to native Europe, (Paris, Berlin, and Munich) where I saw more than ever thought I could. The best moment was the German International (Equestrian) Competition. I was in Germany for training and a few competitions. I had finished giving Amerika and Quicksand their pears and carrots, when my best friend came racing in. “Sophie! We forgot about the German International, you dope!” With a start, I finally realized that today was August 20, 2011, and I had forgotten all about one of Europe’s most important competitions (please beware: “German International” is just the English-translated version of the name, and is not authentic).

The competition was not something that I want to describe. I would not only be super repetitive, but also not able to really describe what happened. I will only just say: what I saw took my breath away. What I saw inspired me more than anything else could ever have. I wanted to achieve.

That summer, I also started competitive sailing for the first time, and though I can’t say that it was really the most enjoyable thing of my life, it also influenced me by showing that if my mom wanted me to sail, I had the option of either sailing or sailing.

Another small (and final) thing that happened to me that summer was me starting the flute, and getting inspired by a Salzburg woodwind quartet. I dropped a lot of things to play the flute, but now am glad that I did. I couldn’t be more thankful that I was able to play the way I did!

I had a pretty dull school year, and those mean kids were worse than ever. But them again, maybe this summer will make up for it, and be as good as the summer that I had in 2011. A summer of sightseeing, fun, realizations, inspirations, and… life.



P.S. I hope you guys at least enjoyed your school year!

My spring resolution is to write more, and improve my posts a little!

Sweet Treats and Crushes

I just realized that this is going to be my first post with words only! Well anyways, here goes…

I can’t say that I’ve been doing much these past few days, other than setting up Project Pony (which you can get to using the sidebar). However, I have this one guy who really
gets on my nerves, but you always end up knowing how the story goes, with the girl blushing, the boy kneeling, and all the mushy stuff in between. The thing is, he gets on my nerves in a good way. Dillon is super popular, and and amazing athlete. He’s nice to people, plus he’s funny. He is drop dead gorgeous, which obviously makes him every girl’s central crush. I shouldn’t be talking, though, since I have the pretty much exact same feelings as those other girls. *sigh*

My best friend, Jane, was in an elementary school group that included Dillon. It was Jane, a few girls, Dillon, and a few boys, back in those good old days when no one cared if boys and girls played together and Dillon wasn’t really popular. I think there is just this lasting friendship between Dillon an Jane that made my best friend introduce me to him. For me, it was pretty much love at first sight (unfortunately, you can never be sure about Dillon’s opinion). You know the rest, and I just realized that I’m pretty much rambling around about things that probably interest you zero percent, or at least very little. That’s why I’ll now get to the bottom line of this: I wish Dillon would notice me as more than just a friend.

On the happier note, I had an amazing weekend. Buggy (my links aren’t working, but I mentioned her on Project Pony) and I (Buggy is my pony- and yes, I am small enough for ponies, sadly)… where was I? Oh yeah. Buggy and I hit the away-show we went to this weekend with awesome results- first, first, second, and a final grand champion ribbon! (whoo!)

I wish that my whole life was as successful as that show was. Sadly, it isn’t.


Sophie the-not-so-great.

If I Could. +Lines.


Hi guys! Hope you had a good Sunday so far, since I sure had a pretty petty day…

It started when I went to the city, in the stupidly scorching hot sun, to see the MoMA Rain Room exhibit. It’s supposed to be a room in which it rains- however, wherever you walk, it doesn’t rain. That’s a neat and really cool part of all this, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. Anyways, my mom was told that we could practically just walk right into the building and avoid the line if we came early in the morning to see the rain room…

…which was a big mistake. We got through the check-in quick enough, that was for sure, but then there was another line. That was kind of the standing ovation of the day, except I wasn’t exactly in the cheering part of the crowd. As it turned out, the line was only three to four hours long, and we would have to wait in an open, super hot, bench-less area. Ugh. My mom kinda popped at that, and for the rest of the taxi ride to the restaurant, I had to listen to the agonies of my poor, unfortunate mother (though good luck surviving at that). But then again, I shouldn’t complain about her complaints, since I was also screaming curses at the line. Only difference was, I kept it to myself.

If we ever do get to battle the line, and get to the rain room, I’ll share it all with you here, along with pictures. Though I don’t know if that’s gonna happen, since my mom spent a straight minute or so talking about how Americans had too much patience- they could stand in a line for hours and hours, somehow without erupting. Problem was that I kind of agreed with her (sorry, my dear old country!).

The time that I did actually last in the line, I made up a bunch pf things that would be wonderful if I could turn into them: a bird, a polar bear, a tree (I’m sorry- did I hear something?) and a garden post (at least they usually get to stand in the shade).

Maybe I would also not mind to become an ice cube.



ImageAhhh… the good old dreams of being in a certain place. Otherwise known as the beach by ordinary people.

P.S. All the pictures are by me.

P.P.S. In the sidebar: my follow buttons and profile pic are annoyingly not showing.

What doesn’t kill you doesn’t always make you stronger.


I just did that as a distraction from the disastrous real thing…


Hmmm… this really does need improvement. [Better yet: does anyone know how to draw a person, at least one that’s better than mine? Because if I have a blog, I also at least have to know how to draw a person!]

When my mom heard that line, she said, “I don’t need a cheesy song to tell me that. Especially not the one about plastic bags. (She thought I was playing Firework, which technically may be viewed as a song about plastic bags by people who don’t listen past the first line.) I thought that it was so totally true, and I stayed thinking that “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”… that is, until just now.

I have this scar thing on my elbow, and when the skin doctor saw it, she immediately asked me if I had gotten my ears pierced before. I said no, and it was pretty obvious, since there were no holes or earrings on my ears. The horrible news: I’ll probably never, ever, be able ton pierce my ears (or any body part) because I’ll get a scar. It may not be such a big deal when I say it out loud, but in my opinion, it is.

The scars won’t kill me, but they also won’t exactly make me stronger, either.

Yours truly,

P.S. Feel free to comment on what you think about my weight-lifting drawing/creation/UFO (but not flying, of course).