Teen Vogue Me Girl: Daybook One

I discovered the best app ever: Teen Vogue Me Girl. Get it (it’s free) and you’ll see what I mean, but some of the things the game features include:
-Creating a realistic character
-Buying up your wardrobe
-Going up the fashion industry
-Dressing up you and your models for photo shoots

I will make many videos featuring some of my combos from the game, and here is the first: enjoy Daybook One! (Or video, I should say)

Sophie Daybook One

The link to it is above, but in case you can’t reach it, use this address:

You Can’t Stop Being a Kid

Not even when I try, can I stop from just being a baby in one of those at-the-bottom button-open jammies. At least this jumper doesn’t have a diaper button opening that babies need. At least.

You know that backyard fashion show I talked about two posts ago, the one that I did with my friends? Well anyways, I found another outfit that belonged to it. After ransacking my closet, which looked like a tornado before but now is a beyond-recognition tornado, I discovered this DVF jumper from a while ago. I paired it up with my old Converse sneakers, and tried to find some nice sunglasses but discovered that my dog had mistaken mine for her squeaky toy, so I had to make do with $2 party-favor sunglasses. Oh well. On my wrist, I wore another party favor, but this time it was a purple BFF bracelet, and added a dark blue friendship bracelet.

By the way: the pink ball is a lacrosse ball.






What I really love about this outfit are the gorgeous patterns. They somehow clash, but in the end, they make peace perfectly. It’s still a mystery to me how I managed to figure out that this would work. I guess accidents do sometimes happen!

The jumper was surprisingly comfortable and really light on me. This outfit is a definite wear again!


Yours only,


They Came From:

  • Jumper: Diane von Furstenburg
  • Sneakers: Converse [navy blue lace-less]
  • Sunglasses and BFF bracelet: cheap party favors that no one usually cares about
  • Friendship bracelet: A gift
  • Balls: The orange is from Target, the pink is a lacrosse game ball

I Can’t Think of a Title…

So, yeah… I can’t think of a title. Once again. Since I cut my hair five inches shorter, it’s been ticking me off that my new hair length just doesn’t look “right” somehow, if you know what I mean. Oh well. At least it doesn’t get knotted.

Anyways, I thought I’d do another outfit post since I had my own little backyard “fashion show” with my friends a few days ago, and still have the pictures.






I seriously, seriously love the dress. It’s not only comfortable, but also really cute and in style. You can really pair it up with almost anything, because of the fabric pattern. As well as that, it has a fabulous, flowy, “free” kind of feeling to it that makes it perfect for summer.

I chose to pair up the dress with just a pretty old pair of ballet flats that still aren’t out of style. I wonder if the gorgeous hot pink has something to with it.

Where These Came From

  • Dress: Diane von Furstenburg
  • Shoes (Flats): Gap

Only yours,




I Think Scrapbooks Are Like This

…though I never kept one, so I wouldn’t know.
In Fashion:










These shorts are ADORABLE and super comfy! Diane von Furstenburg

I love this bracelet!