Sweet Treats and Crushes

I just realized that this is going to be my first post with words only! Well anyways, here goes…

I can’t say that I’ve been doing much these past few days, other than setting up Project Pony (which you can get to using the sidebar). However, I have this one guy who really
gets on my nerves, but you always end up knowing how the story goes, with the girl blushing, the boy kneeling, and all the mushy stuff in between. The thing is, he gets on my nerves in a good way. Dillon is super popular, and and amazing athlete. He’s nice to people, plus he’s funny. He is drop dead gorgeous, which obviously makes him every girl’s central crush. I shouldn’t be talking, though, since I have the pretty much exact same feelings as those other girls. *sigh*

My best friend, Jane, was in an elementary school group that included Dillon. It was Jane, a few girls, Dillon, and a few boys, back in those good old days when no one cared if boys and girls played together and Dillon wasn’t really popular. I think there is just this lasting friendship between Dillon an Jane that made my best friend introduce me to him. For me, it was pretty much love at first sight (unfortunately, you can never be sure about Dillon’s opinion). You know the rest, and I just realized that I’m pretty much rambling around about things that probably interest you zero percent, or at least very little. That’s why I’ll now get to the bottom line of this: I wish Dillon would notice me as more than just a friend.

On the happier note, I had an amazing weekend. Buggy (my links aren’t working, but I mentioned her on Project Pony) and I (Buggy is my pony- and yes, I am small enough for ponies, sadly)… where was I? Oh yeah. Buggy and I hit the away-show we went to this weekend with awesome results- first, first, second, and a final grand champion ribbon! (whoo!)

I wish that my whole life was as successful as that show was. Sadly, it isn’t.


Sophie the-not-so-great.