You know when you’re supposed to be writing about your life, but then your life just seems like a big empty pot hole that my dad once lost a tire in?

My dad does have a habit of talking to me while cruising along the road at 0.00001 miles per hour and then suddenly driving into a pot hole, or whatever they’re called. Maybe if he went faster, the car wouldn’t shake so much as he drove “over” them. Then again, he misses motorcycles. Who knows?

Yesterday I went to NYC, though I don’t know if it was really yesterday because I lose track of time way too easily. That’s a problem, you know. The last time I actually bothered googling it, it was June 11 or something like that. By now it’s probably June 14th or so. I don’t know, and I’m not Googling it again. That’s final. Anyways, I stopped by Uniqlo on my way home. I have to say, I knew Uniqlo had fashionable but yet cheap clothing, but I had no clue that it was this cheap. I got the yellow-print crop shirt for about six dollars. I have to say, that wasn’t so bad. The other two were ten dollars each, which also isn’t such a heartache.


This is the yellow-print crop that I’m talking about.

I also bought these:



The two dumplings up there would make a nice combination, I’ll give it in. I also made an outfit out of the print top and some shorts that I found lying around. I think I wore those shorts twice before, but that’s it. They were actually really comfortable and chic at the same time, so I’m definitely going to wear them again. And since I’m a very repetitive person, I wore those flower sandals again. Aren’t I such a bad girl?

What I Wore:
  • Birkenstock “Papillion” sandals
  • Diane von Furstenburg shorts
  • Uniqlo high-low shirt (“Slub” collection)








And I will confess to using a fake paper flower that my mom helped me make a jillion years ago.

Yours truly,